Branding your Workspace

26th Jul 2016 at 03:56pm by Big Time Graphics

Branding your Internal Workspace 

There are many benefits for incorporating branding into your workspace. Including inspirational quotes and brand awareness in your workspace will become part of your internal communication strategy.  Big Time Graphics have been part of many office branding projects. We have used our own experiences to consider the benefits. 

Some studies reveal that 54% of respondents felt their corporate culture did not support their wellbeing. It is important for a business to remember that your employees base/office remains the centre of their working life. Your companies physical office should be the embodiment of a positive workplace culture, this is imperative. 

Using the application of your brand in graphics, digital wallpapers and manifestation in your office environments can help to improve wellbeing. Big Time Graphics know that workplace branding enhances the experience of employees, associates and stakeholders. Internal branded graphics and large format prints can support the success of the business. Branded manifestation can reinforce the external brand message through your internal ambassadors – the workforce.

Big Time Graphics based in Essex know that manifestation, large format prints, banners, sign units and graphics when implemented and supported in the right way can be part of a wider strategy. The benefits of making your office space a branded environment are powerful and far-reaching. Big Time Graphics can make your internal work environment enhance employee satisfaction, retention and attraction. Motivational wall quotes and imagery can really increase productivity. Visual reminders of your companies history and timeline can give employees a better understanding of your organisation’s overall philosophy.

So what does Big Time Graphics mean by a ‘branded environment'? 

Big Time Graphics can offer a better service than simply slapping your logo on any available white wall space. We're not even suggesting using you brand palette colours because perhaps using the rarely seen secondary colour palette would create more of a talking point. Big Time Graphics want to reflect your company ethos and enforce your strategies with inspirational imagery or wording into your office space. Subtle logos cut from frost can enforce your brand and comply with regulations on your glass doors, windows and partitions.  Frosting can also create privacy and control lighting in the office - so why not have it branded? 

You can really use our large format print service to reflect the culture of your organisation in your office space. Create an office environment that echoes the values of the brand. This can be implement in many ways from wall art and vinyl graphics to create quirky meeting spaces. Signage and way-finding can all be created as an immersive brand experience. Big Time Graphics can also offer a mix of temporary ‘installations’ that support campaigns and initiatives.

Transform your workplaces into inspirational, engaging and enlightening spaces. Let Big Time come to your office space and see how our graphics, signs and designs can assert your values and drive business success. Use your work environment to inform, inspire and align. Let Big Time Graphics tell your story, enhance levels of creativity, raise awareness and support your vision and values.  

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