Digital Wallpaper

Your interior design, retails point of sale and visual displays set your business apart from competitors as well as enhancing brand identity, awareness and highlighting promotions and services, so make your Larger than Life!

Big Time Graphics specialise in creating all your large format visual displays. What better display than a Larger than Life digital wallpaper graphic to brighten up your office, enhance your brand identity, promote a special offer or service. With large format high quality digital wallpapers you can bring personalisation and full colour to any wall, so take advantage of your free advertising space now. Big Time Graphics design, manufacture and install digital wallopers in Harlow and Essex. Whether you are looking for personalised decor in your office, hotel, restaurant, home or business premises, Big Time Graphics can design large format digital full colour wallpaper for decorative or advertising purposes. Visual Merchandising is a powerful thing, a simple large format display or print creates the platform from which your consumers make a lifestyle choice. Big Time Graphics manufacture large format digital wallpapers that achieve a fast and cost effective way to gain attention of onlookers. Using oversized photos and visuals Big Time Graphics in Harlow and Essex print large format wallpaper that can be mounted portable exhibition stands for conventions, trade shows as well as to static walls in homes, hotels, business premises and offices. Big Time Graphics helps your business create a powerful brand impact and brand awareness as well as being able to maximise your sales, create a vocal point and visually appeal to onlookers and potential customers. Simply put, you'll get Larger than Life results!